ما شاء الله - Caste, Creed & Color [FREE DOWNLOAD, REMIX THIS TRACK]

I have to remind that this is a forum dedicated to sharing criticism, not a place for advertising your music. And I feel like you're not here for the crits.

Anyway, you use some killer sounds, really nice samples and sound quality. The whole song has a nice vibe. The song is a bit short and monotonous, but a strong track nevertheless. Not a fan of EDM but had a pleasant time with this.
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thanks dude. yeah it probably came off as ad, but i'm also looking for criticism as well. i agree that it's fairly repetitive. I'm a fan of punk and tribal aesthetics where things don't necessarily change up too often. I kept it short so it wouldn't become overbearing in its repetition.

Also, (stealing RATM's line) we're fans of samples, but no samples were used in this. real guitar, real vocals, and everything else was done by inputting sounds via midi.

Thanks for the crit dude!