Hey! I found a broken guitar and i'm gonna try repairing it. But I'm not sure what type of bridge this guitar had (it wasn't on it when I found it). I've attached a pic, it has four small holes (for screws, I suppose) and a big one in the middle. Could anyone tell me wich type of bridge are these holes for, or wich model of guitar should I look up to buy a similar bridge. Thanks!

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I saw a really weird guitar the other day with four holes like that for the pickups but anyways.. if i was to guess it's a bigsby or some obscure tremolo from the 60s or 70s as Lyra/Lyro and a bunch of matsimuko factory builds my neighbor has, has some really unorthodox parts that he pretty much had to be like that tv guy Macgyver to make happen.

a bigsby spring is about that size and it's clearly a tremolo. Honestly worst case scenario fill it and put whatever excites you. I hated re-stringing this customers bigsby so much.

by the looks of the routing too on the neck pickup that may be a lipstick pickup , thankfully Guitar fetish sells lipstick pickups cheap.
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my guess would be a gibson like bridge with a bigsby tremolo variation like you can find in on some danelectros:

source page

that guitar is called Danelectro HODAD btw
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The bridge looks like a standard ToM, but you would need to check the post spacing before ordering. - The are different for US and metric.

That big well looks like a spring cavity from the 60s-70s, as suggested. If I couldn't track down the tailpiece, I would be filling up the holes and using a stop bar tailpiece, stop bridge or Bigsby.
Yeah you're right the big well is probably a spring cavity

Thomann sells a guitar with a trem that looks like it has a spring cavity under it:

one of the reviews says it is a Univox Hi Flier copy:

could be what your looking for:
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