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Ok so here is the deal, nice n simple.......

Our band are looking to somehow bring in pre-recorded sounds into our live set. These would be pre-recorded sounds (WAV or MP3)which would then be used at some point (either beginning or end) of the song to add effect.

For example, at the end of one our songs, we want to have a helicopter sounds to ring out as we finish. Another is a short clip from a movie being played before the band kick in, and another is a 3 second line from a speach which we want to loop for 15 seconds at the end of a song.

What is our best way of doing this? Ideal situation would be through my Vox AC15 guitar amp via a pedal which you can stomp on and off??? Or if possble, directly into the PA using a DI box (if this can be done??).

The JamMan Loop station so far seems the best tool for what im looking for and it can be run through my pedal board (im 2nd guitarist so I can take care of punching them in and out).

Any thoughts, ideas, things to note whilst doing this?
In terms of ££ im not bothered... as long as I can pre-set about 10 samples and just hit them near the end of start of a song and it feeds into our sound. We also might look at pre-recording some keys to blend into a song aswell so if it can do everything.. happy days.

Thanks all

Load the samples up into a sampler and have them triggered by someone offstage so the audience isn’t watching you stare at your feet as you try to nail the right sample. Some bands that use lots of samples with load them into digital keyboards and label the keys with masking tape.
Thanks jpnyc

A lot of gigs we do are in small bars where we do our own sound, plus as we tour the country, we find sound engineers sometimes arnt really that good at engineering sound let alone trying asking them to punch in sounds.

It would be easy if i had it connected to my pedal board and i could just punch them in and out quickly whilst i am just strumming away.

Through the PA using a DI box might be the best i think but not sure.
A Jamman is pretty ideal for that. You want plenty of footswitches so you can change presets while it's sitting idle and the various Jammans either have the switches or can accommodate an external 3 button footswitch. You don't need a DI box to connect it to the PA. Just a cable.
How about setting a Midi Pad next to the drummer? Load the sounds in and plug into P.A.
You can also load them onto your click track, if you guys use one.
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There are also sampler pads by Roland and Yamaha, you can load any sample you want and drummer can trigger them with a stick like playing on a drum:

Or some kind of keyboard sampler, there are quite a few older ones you can get next to nothing used, so might be cheaper, have your drummer or another person at the mixer trigger them.
Thanks guys

Loads of ideas but im thinking of going with the Jamman for the following reasons...

Dont want a laptop as we have nobody to trigger the sounds other than the someone on stage, and it would be better than i personally had the ability to do it, rather than our drummer as he will be in full flow when some of the samples go off so thats rules out a midi, and we dont use a click track.

I just dont know if it would be best run through a stand alone amp, or run through a PA
Just my opinion but to make it extremely simple just create the samples you want and convert them to mp3 or wave files then play them back on an mp3 player or laptop. If it works out you can think about getting a sampler or keyboard to trigger samples but try the simple inexpensive way first and make sure you want to invest in the extra equipment.
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