Really excited about recording new tracks again! Just had a huge recording sess and am going to be releasing several more songs soon.

Anyway this is some stoner rock/ metal that I whipped up in Mixcraft 6 with a Focusrite 2i2 interface. I will gladly C4C and would love some feedback on this! Link:

Thank you for the reviews! Now your tune: sounds rather late 60's/early70's (for the most part), which is fine by me. I like the drums and fuzz-ish (& phaser) guitar tones, guitar riffs, synth, and piano. Now it took a turn for something more psychedelic. Some vocals wouldn't hurt, but other than that, it sounds good to me!
I found the tune really repetitive and the guitar tone is way too fuzzy for metal riffs like that, which were not bad riffs on their own, but even with vocals on this track, it needs some more variety. It reminds me of those old video game soundtracks like Doom. At 3:12 though, i was completely amazed. I loved the end of the song very much, the tones with the heavy reverbs, and how the two guitars sounded together. The synt is great in the background too, and the more relaxed tempo fits it perfectly. The last minute is truly brilliant, it gave me some inspiration in my all-in-all sounding. For me, it stands in contrast with the first three minutes.

I listened to your older tracks too, and experienced the same phenomenon. Whenever you're trying with riffs, it becomes repetitive and boring, especially without vocals, but whenever you're onto some more abstract sounding, you come off genuine and generally great (including your electronic tunes, even though i'm not into that kindof stuff).
I think i'll have to agree in most parts with the post above me. The guitar tone is just not for me. But i feel like there is really no right or wrong here, so if this is the sound you like, thats fine!

I checked out more of your songs and i really like some of your electronic stuff. Optimize is a cool track and I also like the thing tagged fat rat (is this a genre?).
I always wanted to get more into listening to electronic music but i never really found things i liked that much (apart from a few dubstep artists), so do you have any recomendations for me?
I can see where the comments about tone and repetitiveness come from but I think those members are not fans of stoner rock in general because those two attributes are staples of the genre. I think you nailed them pretty well.

However I do agree that this track is screaming out for vocals. A strong lead singer is the cornerstone of a ton of the more successful stoner rock bands.

I think your piano should be a bit louder, it definitely adds an element of dare I say sophistication to an otherwise brootz-y song. I would also like to see some variety in the chords. Jazzy shapes would work well here, I think

I don't hear a ton of the bass, is this on purpose? Overall I'd say your guitar and drums are a bit too loud and the piano/bass a bit too quiet. Maybe this is my crappy speakers though.

I like the little imperceptible riffs in the background, makes you want to listen to it again.

The bit at 3.15 really reminds me of mogwai. I mean... If mogwai was heavier and didn't only do 15 minute songs. I agree with the other guy that this part could be longer. I hear a girls voice over this, it would be awesome

I'd appreciate if you could take a moment to crit my bands song. Thanks:
I find it really funny how everyone thinks there is a piano in this track!! ITs actually just a clean guitar that I think people are hearing. Also thanks for the critiques guys I appreciate the feedback!
Darkly trippy, tenebrous tones of ominous smoothness and tamed angst. An unusual blend of hyper-distortion, punctuated beats and strung out grooves create a oddly gritty but slippery flow of consciousness that is also tightly structure. Weirdly evocative, strangely suggestive of fleeting feelings that fly away when noticed but still leave a faint aftertaste. The late change in feel is highly effective, creating a feeling of resolution and conclusion in this gently epic coda,,,,,
This is one heavy journey, somewhat claustrophobic and almost dizzying, but still this is powerful, original music, eclectically brilliant and original, consummately performed and produced.
Maybe the addition of a suitably out there vocalist would add a focus and commercial convergence for these tamely crazy forces. But even as it stands this is a savagely beautiful sound.
For a different dimension, you can C4C here.
Hi mate,

Thanks for the crit on mine (and the follow!) The tone is a bit fuzzy for my taste but it is very well played and the riffs are great. I like the background noises you have going on- sounds like piano in places? The almost electronica/Muse-y vibe around 1:30 is great. I would try to mix the riffs up a bit more but I have a short attention span and the song structure works fine as it is. Your lead playing sounds very good but is very low in the mix. Overall these are minor points and I think it is well played and an interesting listen. The change at 3:14 was very welcome and probably my favourite part. Great job.
Hey dude,

Sandstorm is a creative piece that I found hard to categorize. At certain points there's an almost jazzy/hip hop atmosphere (particularly the drums and piano parts). That fuzzy guitar tone over it gave this track a very unique feel. I think at certain parts the effect overpowers other elements, but there's still a lot of raw energy in this track. I think the guitar tone should take credit for a lot of this.

Here are some of the points that caught my attention while I was reviewing your track:
0- 0:30 I dig that gritty, fuzzy tone you have going.
1:00 The transition here is very enjoyable
1:18 I think I heard a bit of leads here but they're a little drowned out. Was that scratching I heard afterwards? Whoa.
3:20 The transition here was a little bit unexpected, it didn't really quite fit for me. That said, there is some very keen, expressive phrasing here.

Thanks for the awesome listen.

Could you check out my track? https://soundcloud.com/andresjam/andres-testingthewaters

edit: I almost always review tracks blindly (i.e. before reading other poster's comments) to try to give an unbiased listen, but I noticed you said there's no piano here. Definitely fooled me!
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Wow maN! This is some heavy stuff. The guitar part is really catchy, Creates a great atmosphere. And what can i say about the transition, it creates the mood! Great job.
__________________HAHA its not the piano, but a clean guitar :P