Hi, guys. Really important and urgent question. I've bought a pair of these pickups and I really have the feeling that I've been cheated. Supposed to be a pair of Tony Iommi Signature humbuckers. They were rather cheap and the seller didn't seem to want to rip me off (he was really friendly) but they look as if they might be fake. Can anyone tell me so? And if they aren't original, can I be told approximately what kind of pups are those? Thank you.

They look fake to me. The color should be a shiny black rather than a matte black, the wiring looks funny, and the shape of the piece that holds the screws is off. Maybe someone sold you the Epiphone Iommi SG stock pickups? I've never seen those out of the guitar before.

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Tony Iommi pickups from Gibson are 4-pot, which means you should see a white, black, green, red and silver round wire. From the looks of those, it seems like you've only got two wires. I do think you have a pair of fakes, unfortunately.
definitly fake, I have an Iommi SG and the pickups look nothing like mine.
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The Gibson Tony Iommi pickup has an Alnico V magnet running along the bottom of the base:

I do not know if Epiphone used Gibson Tony Iommi pickups in their version of Iommi's signature SG.
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Does anybody even have the slightest idea of what kind of pups these are?
The Epiphone Tony Iommi G-400 includes the Gibson pickups so I don't think these are even an Epiphone version of Gibson pickups.

The seller misrepresented the pickups so hopefully you can get a refund.
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