I've been watching a lot of Ryan Bruce (A.K.A Fluff)'s gear reviews as of late, and I absolutely love his playing style.

The only problem is I have no idea what style exactly he plays. It seems to be some kind of groove oriented metal, kinda reminds me of Pantera and Down and a little bit of Black Sabbath.

If anyone could tell what kind of style this is it would be much appreciated. Some band recommendations would also be great, I wanna begin learning this kinda stuff A.S.A.P. Thanks.

The style I'm talking about can be seen in these pickup demos:




And also this. The guy on the left is Ryan
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He is playing bad cliched metal. Or "modern metal" as some will call it.

Your name doe.

Most would call it groove metal, that'll send you in the right direction.
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Eh, genre's a very inexact concept and there's lots of overlap. My most immediate instinct would be thrash, though it varies.

Several of the riffs reminded me of some of the better Godsmack stuff, and one or two reminded me of the last couple Enslaved albums, though that was more general sound than anything specific.
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It sounds like generic number metal/metalcore stuff that kids were into back in 2003.
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the periphery demo was pretty in the ballpark of the "djent" style

i wouldn't call that "boring modern metal"; it's the only subgenre other than black metal i can stand anymore, honestly.

but yeah a lot of it is just metal/deathcore stuff...listen to pretty much any metal bands from the mid-2000s and they're'll be these elements present in some way or another
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