Hey man,

Thanks for sharing this track with us.

First off, cool artwork! Did you make that?

For me, Angr is a dynamic track that explores a continuum of feeling, from aggression to calm. As far as the mix goes, I thought the snare sounded a little drowned out (though perhaps that's just a stylistic choice). I really like your guitar tone here, I think it really suits the genre. Your choice of chord sequences and phrasing is excellent. I think some gritty vocals would really enhance this track.

Here are some of the sections which caught my interest:

0:00 - 0:28 I really dig the eerie intro
0:53 - Superb phrasing here
1:00 - I feel like this chord progression could go on forever
3:24 - There a pleasant change of pace and emotion here. I think it makes the preceding sections all that more powerful.
4:00? - I wish the tapping part was a little more present in the mix, it sounded very much in the background, but I think it'd sound a bit better a little more in focus.

Can you check out my track? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1680348
Hello there.

Very cool track. The intro is cool and created a nice dark, building atmosphere. What did you use for the choir vocals?

The riffs gave me a bit of an early emperor vibe in places. You didnt over use the blast beat which is something I dont like in black metal most of the time. The changes in dynamics kept the track interesting. The lead arpeggios give it a cool dimension. It would benefit from some vocals in my opinion - but I generally dont go for instrumentals so it may just be me.

In terms of the mix, I felt like the kick could have had more impact - it felt a little too hidden in the background for my taste. Other than that it works as a black metal mix pretty flawlessly.

I look forward to hearing more from you.

Thanks guys....I used Magnus choir plugin for the intro with some extra effects.IM not realy that good in mixing drums im using Ezdrummer with a preset i made and i too feel the kick needs more power but i cant manage to do it..this also goes for the tapping section cause i double tracked the guitars and made the sound complete on the all tracks..if they were to stand out i had to change the tone and that way the whole song sounds different.Tracks are instrumentals only cause i cant do vocals lol there is a guy who makes from time to time but thats not very often.I have other uploads if you want you can check them out..Reign of Insanity (another song of mine) has some vocals.
Holy damn. That was amazing. I'm among the bigger black metal fans on the planet and I have to say that you got everything spot on. Love the atmosphere. Love the riffs. Great work. Amazing dynamics as well, the calm break before the tapping part was beautiful.

You are using separate tracks for different parts of the drum set right? Because you should. I think that a lot of problems could be fixed by simply turning the kick up in volume.

By the way, I recall checking out a thread at tabs&chords back when I wasn't a registered user yet, I just remember that there was this really cool black metal song that someone had posted. Seeing your username and pic I remembered that it was you track, and I went through you thread history and I found it, it was "Reign of Insanity" That was a cool song. Just a random coincidence.
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