Hi, yesterday I was in a restaurant and there was a TV broadcasting rock music video clips. I don't remember the artist neither the song's title, but in the video clip appeared a guitar that seemed a white Explorer, but kind of different, something like this:

I'm not 100% sure, but I think that there was only one singer with blond hair (male) and all the rest of the band were asian girls (again, not 100% sure). I'm pretty sure they were singing in english.

I've been searching for custom ESP's Explorer's, LTD's Explorer's, Jackson's Kelly's, Japan only custom guitars... nothing, no luck.

The lowest cut (circled in red) is probably the key to find it, cause I've never seen an Explorer with that corner cut.

I've been talking to friends of mine and they had no clue what model it was. But it shouldn't be so weird cause it has appeared in a music clip.

I hope someone can find out what model is that guitar.

It's like a weird son of a Mockingbird, a Randy Rhoads and an Explorer.
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Oh, nice, but I don't think that was the guitar I saw.

I've found 1 model from Ibanez that looks a lot like the one I'm looking for, but still I don't think it is what I saw.

Ibanez XV500

That Ibanez is the closest guitar, but I don't think it is what I saw.