Hey everybody. My band Tequila Mechanics just finished up a new song titled "Echoes of Oradour". The song is about a lesser known event from WWII. A Nazi SS infantry invaded a small village in France called Oradour-sur-Glane, massacred the entire village, and left it a ghost town. All this because they received word that one of their leaders was being held captive there. Anyways, please give it a listen and let us know your thoughts. C4C as always.



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good song but the silence at the beggining sorta threw me off, hehe. I had turned up the volume a bit so it surprised me when it started :P

I like the vocal harmonies, it's nice and smooth. Your drummer has got his cymbal washes down to a science. Could it be possible that your singer could have done a better take? The melodies are very nice but sometimes it seems like he's close to getting off synch. It's not bad though.

I like the Ebow on the guitar but is it a bit overused since it's there for 3/4 of the song? Maybe not.. It's not too loud and it's not aggresive so it's probably fine.. If you're going to re-record, I'd be curious to see how it would sound if you recorded the same thing over the Ebow part but with a slide. The blend of the two could be cool!

I like how the distorted guitar kicks in. Since there is no more singing at that point, could the acoustic guitar be lowered a bit? It would put more emphasis on the solo. All you'd need is a big fan sending wind through your hair as you're ripping it up at the top of a cliff

Overall very good, though. Nice subject too.

I'd appreciate if you could take a moment to crit my bands song. Thanks:
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I heard Stalin would have everyone in a particular Soviet city killed if he even suspected anyone in that city was against him. Instrumentally, things could be tighter timing wise at times. I like all of the melodies and the vocals. I like the Ebow guitar. Nice lead guitar and song! Yes, the Nazis were pretty ruthless in WWII. Thank heavens they were defeated. I saw a real SS hat recently: it had a skull and cross bones on it. Not just some rock band artwork thing, they were serious about killing people. Please review my music at this link:

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A courageous conception to write about such a difficult, terrible subject. Suitably sad music, with a desperate, haunting feel totally suitable to the story. The lamenting feedback guitar adds a eerie feel. The doubled vocal flicks between unisons and harmonies and works excellently - my initial though would have been a solo vocal for an intimate feel, but this arrangement sounds perfect, so there you go!
Sweet guitar solo at the end, neat and slickly phrased, which sharply changes into heavy distortion, excellently played, reminds me of Pink Floyd.
Full of a dignified, cathartic sorrow, this consummately arranged and produced music perfectly serves its most poignant poetry. The precipitously unexpected ending reinforces the finality of this evil episode in human affairs, one that must never be either repeated nor forgotten.
Very powerful, penetrating piece that veritably echoes this tragic event.