Located: Metro Detroit area, Michigan, USA
Contact: Ian @ ian.daniel.macdonald@gmail.com (do not message on here, I rarely check this)
Price: $500 obo + shipping
Paypal Accepted

Selling my Randall V2 Valve Dynamic amp. This amp plays great and is in awesome condition. One of the metal covers over the corner is slightly bent upwards but it is just cosmetic. This amp has been used in home for me and has not been lugged around or moved often at all. This is a high gain amp designed primarily for metal. Can send more pictures if requested.

(Copied from an UG Review of this amp)
It has 3 channels: clean, overdrive and tube overdrive. The clean channel is solid state. It has a level and gain control and shares the EQ with the overdrive channel. The overdrive channel is classic Randall solid state distortion with gain, level, EQ with sustain boost when you pull out the treble knob, and a presence control. The last channel is the tube overdrive. It uses 3-12AX7 tubes and is just a monster channel. It has an attack switch for loose or tight sound, gain, EQ, level and a bright switch. This amp also has a built in 6 band graphic EQ and a master level, master density, master presence, on switch and standby switch. On the back it has 2 speaker outputs (200w at 8 ohm, 400w an 4 ohm and it says it can go as low at 2 ohm but it's not recommended), MIDI inputs for a footswitch (I do not have), a slave output for additional poweramps or rack units, a direct recording output for plugging straight into a mixer, and an effects loop