Hey guys,

I've been trying this guy videos and then I got his drums cubase project that got a few errors on my cubase.

Here they are:

Screen 1 - What am I missing?
Screen 2 - Is that fixable?
Screen 3/4 - I have FabFilter Pro Q installed and working on my Cubase, but as u see it doesn't recognize on opening the project and I lose the presets that way

Please gimme an hand, I'm desperate!
Tyvm everyone!
1. audio samples from the sound library the guy was working with.

2. should be fine when you've loaded the right samples, if it isn't raise the size

3. don't have any clue about that
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1 - Install Drumkit From Hell
2 - Increase the memory size from the field on that screen. How much memory is in your rig and are you running 64-bit Cubase and Windows?
3/4 - Are you using the same version of the plugin? If so, Manually add the tracks to the inserts.
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