whats more comfortable to play in your opinion a solid body guitar like a strat/les paul or a semi hollow like gibson es-335? i personally think that strats arent comfortable at all they just seem too small and too thin. i like big guitars.
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If you like big guitars, a Les Paul sounds like a good idea, or maybe an even thicker guitar like a Gretsch Hollowbody.
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I think it really really depends on how you want the guitar to sound. A Les Paul, 335 Dot, Fender Strat, Gretsch Hollow Body, all sound very very different.

In terms of comfort, I always found that slim line hollow bodies like the 335 Dot and Gretsch electromatics are very comfortable. They both sound very different, and are good for different styles. Your playing style can change depending on the shape of the guitar as well.

It's really up to personal preferance, but think about sound.
I prefer my Strat or SG over my 335 by a long shot on 4 hr gigs. Pick your poison as your choice only has to please you. My current #1 is a Tele though. I sacrifice some comfort for the incredible voice inside that axe.
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