There's something odd about the rhythm guitar tone. It feels detached from the rest of the track. I guess it's just not mixed in properly. Bass also lacks some presence in the mix.

The leads are great though. Skillful playing without going full shredasaurus. The track has some cool dynamics, I like the bass break. Overall it's a strong song, save for a few flaws with the rhythm section production.
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yea you're right now that I listen back to it that sound of detachment on the rhythm section comes in at 1:03-1:15 . I didn't want the bass to be present so much because I am not really that comfortable with playing bass guitar yet I just got it yesterday, I don't have that low end groove lol, I play it like a melodic instrument right now.
Now you got some low end happening (good news)! I find picked bass is easier to play, though fingered bass often works better, though you might be doing that already. Slap bass can be cool also; try that some day if you already haven't (it takes practice though, and new calluses). I like parts of your tune. Some of the playing could be tighter. Keep at it! I know you reviewed me recently, though I suggest you review one of my tunes you haven't reviewed yet; at this link:


"Egg" (I think that was the name) sounds good, though could use electric bass.
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You have some interesting guitar lines particularly within your solos, your phrasing was on point. I thought the rhythm tone and lead tone sat well together, in fact reminded me slightly of the Ride The Lightning album slightly tone wise.

I think, from my ears, where the separation was coming from was more that the kick and snare sounded more suited to an electronic style track. A kick with more low end whilst cutting these frequency from the guitar (you can high pass up to 100hz-120hz). Also what would work well from a production point is to when recording the bass, having two bass tracks keeping one as the clean DI but distorting the second and then blending the two together will create an extra layer of "glue" between the guitars and bass.

The track was well written and a great listen. The other songs on your soundcloud are also well written, keep it up man.

Cheers, M