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Simple question: I imagine lot's of people (myself included) associate songs with a place/time of year. So now that it's summer, what songs do you personally associate with summer (Sunshine, grassy fields, barbecues, music festivals, driving/traveling, and chilling by the A.C.) Oh yeah make sure they're songs you enjoy listening too (lol) and please limit yourself to around three.

My personal favorites:
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summer suxxx

You! Me! Dancing! - Los Campensinos! (Important that this is the first song you listen to during your session for that badass intro)

In the Summertime - Mungo Jerry
Summer Vibes - Walk Off the Earth
Lots of John Butler Trio - Fire in the Sky, Funky Tonight, Gonna Take It etc
Ska-Punk is upbeat and good for Summer times. Rancid are fun.
Alex Chilton - The Replacements
Electric Feel - MGMT
Shoulder to the Wheel - Saves the Day
Mutt - Blink-182
Limelight - Rush
My Number - Foals
Debaser + Here Comes Your Man - Pixies
Teen Age Riot - Sonic Youth
Waterfall + She Bangs the Drum - The Stone Roses
Owner of a Lonely Heart - Yes
Escuela de Calor - Radio Futura
Dance in the moonlight my old friend twilight

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Also listen to Chad Urmstom bands like State Radio and Dispatch.
Dance in the moonlight my old friend twilight

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What's this about ****ing corpses? My UG senses were tingling.
this song takes me back to basically the summer i started listening to this stuff. basically this shit and grand theft auto until 5 am all day every day
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haha woooooowwww
My God, it's full of stars!
Surf rock. The entire genre.
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A few of these songs I've really liked. Thanks for your contribution!
I listen to this on loop all summer long to ensure I in fact have a bitchin summer
It's over simplified, So what!

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Summer is about feeling good and this song makes me feel amazeballs:
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