it is a music video. several bikers, I think three. on bmx bikes. heads are in an animal mask. every now and then the guy at the front with do a 360 or something. dark setting, just one long empty road

thank you for your help

bonus question: there is a song that goes vaguely of "I want to be a librarian. i want to check out your books" and the music video was in a library and the librarians kill this one guy using the bookshelves

bonus 2: cannot determine if it was a video or a game. would've been around 98. I remember green, and someone getting on a train, and b asically this kid (who I think is green?) has this weird bit where he teaches the kid something and then it ends with the kid being called down for dinner

was gonna do bonus 3 but nah
will someone carry me across ten thousand miles under the silence
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