Nice main riff and cool guitar tone. But the track is pretty generic, certainly nothing mindblowing and unique. The drums are also more than a bit shoddy, the main beat is as bare boned as it gets and the fills are just a mess.

I think it's a good start for a song, but it lacks a lot of depth and well, it just lack content. Those riffs are pretty cool tho.
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I agree with Kevätuhri. It would maybe help if you double tracked the chorus riff for bigger effect. Just the chorus will do if you want to keep it simple.
Pretty solid rock song so far, probably really fun to jam to with a group, very early Judas Priest type main riff, I like it. I also notice one of the fills right before the main riff comes back in at 40 secs in is a little messed up, if that was fixed itd sound better as a transition. Just needs a bass or one that I can hear and it'd be pretty dope. Solid rock riff, good driving music, but it really needs a bass. HEY nice solo buddy, I think its actually really ****ing sick especially for this song I wasn't expecting it. Sounds like if Jack White tried to shred. Is that programmed or is this all recorded guitar? I'm pretty impressed with this! Nice job dude, keep it up and maybe put some little guitar lines and licks over your chords to make it flow and rise better. +1 like and sub

C4C please?

also forgot to ask if this is garageband on a mac or on an ipad?
thanks for the feedback guys and yea that solo was all me haha. i know the drums arnt that good. im not a drummer so its taking me a wile to learn the basics and what not but ill deff keep working with it.