I've glued a bridge or two down before, but I've never repaired a crack like this.

Here is a picture of the crack, anything specific I should know before I attempt it?

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Here is the bridge and the top of the guitar

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I'm debating on if I need to sand off the wood pieces or if I can just reapply the glue. Any tips on the proper way?

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I've researched some glues, and tools needed to reglue it, it fits in the hole nicely, I just wasnt sure if I needed to sand the face of the guitar off the bridge peice, or if I needed to glue in a "shim"(if thats what it's called), to avoid throwing off my action or intonation.
on a solid top guitar you would clean things off. unfortunately though it's a laminate guitar= difficult to fix. use epoxy and bridge clamps or buy bridge bolts. you can also use 8-32 machine screws, nuts, and washers as a substitute to clamp the bridge down but just don't get glue on the hardware. for epoxy i'd suggest Hysol M11-FL or Smith's All Wood Epoxy.

for the crack since it is already dirty, i'd score it out with the back edge of an exacto to clean laminate and then do a fine maple sawdust & ca glue fill. won't be beaut, but it won't be dark anymore either. apply, level, repeat. then finely sand and buff out until it's where you want it. this is what i'd do if that crack is just into the top veneer not through the whole top. it's a different repair entirely for that situation.

you might wanna look into the box with a mirror and a light and check on the braces and bridge plate (if any) and look for other damage just to be sure.
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