I can't decide if I want to play in Estandard or Drop D. In drop tuning I really like alternating between playing open on the bottom string and frets on the next string and then holding the bottom fifth fret, it just sounds so good. But I also like having acoustic playing in the back so if I did play in drop d would it be difficult playing chords in this tuning?

I am self taught and growing up listening to metal I didn't really learn many chords myself, not saying metal isn't educated I just didn't have much use for them at the time for the bands I wanted to play.
Is this what tuning you want to play your own music in?

why not try something different like D standard? It still gives you the range of Drop D and you can play with an accompanying acoustic in D standard. Seems like a fair compromise between Drop D and standard to me.

If you're absolutely set on either Drop D or E standard though I would personally choose E standard. I don't like having my chords restricted in drop tunings. I'm also done with my thrash metal / metalcore Drop D kind of phase so I never play in drop tunings regardless.
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If you want to be able to have a low D but still be in standard, tune down to D standard, then put a capo on the 2nd fret, leaving the low E open. Now when you play a D chord shape you can have the bottom string open and it'll be as if you're playing in drop D, but when you go to fret other notes (for example, a G chord) it'll be in standard tuning. It's a great way of having that extended range whilst still being able to play all your normal chords in E standard.
No, tuning down to drop D won't make it harder to play accompanying chords in the back. However, you would most likely have to find different voicings for any of the open chord that uses the 6th string.

I don't know why this is such a hard decision. It's just 1 string adjustment away. I actually treat the drop tunings and their related standard tunings as one and the same.
There really isn't a huge difference between playing in Drop D and Standard. It's not like you have to choose to devote your life to one or the other. Besides, the acoustic in the back doesn't have to be in the same tuning as the guitar that you're playing.

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I don't like having my chords restricted in drop tunings.

It doesn't really restrict chords. It just means you have to change fingers slighlty. The thumb can easily take care of the low E string for your open chords and it's easy enough to figure out other changes as well.
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If you don't have a locking trem, take advantage of being able to easily change your tuning and experiment with the different ones and see what you like best.