Hey all been doing a lot of recording lately and needed some advice.

I use Logic Pro X and have been plugging my electric through my interface and into Logic and recording using their sounds (when I record through my amp the mic picks up way too much feedback). The guitar sounds are adequate, but I was looking to upgrade. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was looking into Amplitube but but there are so many options out there it's overwhelming. I'm overall looking for a versatile collection of sounds (clean/distorted/etc)

Also was looking into getting some good budget string sounds for what could best be considered the Acoustic Singer/Songwriter genre. The best example of the type of sound I'm looking for would be those found on an Oasis or Goo Goo Dolls album; not symphonic, but somewhat realistic sounding. Anyone have any experience with a good modestly priced package? I've heard about Native Instruments Session Strings but couldn't find a demo to test them out myself.

Thanks for the feedback!
Amp sims?
Have a look at the amp sims sticky in this section.

You can achieve pretty good results with the logic amps as well with a bit of mixing.
This one for example - http://kiwi6.com/file/hiwotb34py
A tele's bridge p/up for the rhythm part and both p/ups for the solo.

When you open logic click on "get additional content" under the "logic pro x" (or was it "file"? well one of the two) menu in the upper bar and select the orchestra jam pack, or however they call it now.
That'll add strings, among other things, in logic's instruments library.
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Hi! I'm using Guitar Rig 4 as I type, it's ok and the best I've ever tried.

for VSTIs I would recommend;

Miroslav Philarmonic
Edirol Orchestral
ESWT or something like that, can't remember.

Some guy took the sound samples out of one of this new digital Mellotrons and put them into Kontakt. They sound awesome. Recommended too. I'm a huge prog fan and I was crazy when I found out!

Thanks for the feedback! Miroslav sounds great, have either of you found it useful for genres other than orchestral music? It's marketed as a tool for recording orchestral and choir type arrangements but I like what I'm hearing so gonna see if I can find a demo

As for guitar I was looking for versatility above anything, but more particularly a good range of distortion sounds. I did some looking around and it turns out Amplitude 3 is having a 65% off sale right now so I was able to snag it pretty cheap. Looking forward to seeing how it works out

Thanks again!
Distortion sounds...I haven't found anything I like yet. Look at my sig., Egregore stuff is Miroslav samples for synths, Amplitube 3 on pretty much all.
I switched to recording amps now as I find it better, sm57 in front of Tiny Terror gets me pretty close most of the time, I add effects later. Even at low volume I find it sounds better, not that Amplitube is bad,but I find them all lacking in realism.
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Dude just checked out your soundcloud--awesome stuff on there. I love "High Energy Fracture," you got some insane guitar chops. Based on the reverbnation page looks like it's a solo project? Great stuff

Yeah I did a brief run-through of all the sounds today and got the same sort of vibe. Not the most realistic sounding but it'll work for home studio demos
@Jqazzman - here's a link to some of my favorite patches, the input and output levels might be a little off as I run them through different guitars. I put in a readme which will tell you how to manually import them into the Amplitube preset patches. Hopefully there's something you like on there.
I have very little knowledge in sims and digital amping, but I mic my amp, and I use homemade baffles to reduce the reverb, feedback and other artifacts.

All you need is 1x3 planks some carpet or thinner fabric such as polyester to make them, attach some wheels and box the amp in with 3 or 4. Just another suggestion for cheap