Hey guys

I'm new to this forum and I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this (I apologise if not) but I've recently inherited this bass guitar and I've done some research online to see if I can find anything about it but I can't seem to find it. I was wondering if anyone new the model and/or could help me? It would be hugely appreciated.

It's some sort of early BC Rich/Bernie Rico thing. Or a copy. Looks like it might've been modified with some funky electronics.
That's the best I can do, I wasn't born at the right time to have to endure that era in time thankfully.

Current model is the BC Rich Eagle http://www.bcrich.com/eagle/basses
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It appears to be a pretty good knockoff of a mid to late 1970s B.C. Rich Eagle bass. The B.C. Rich insignia for their U.S.A.-made electric instruments is a stylized "R" in the same sort of script as is the "F" on the headstock of your bass, so it is not a B.C. Rich. But it looks like a good bass all by itself. Sooooo.....

HNBD! Enjoy the hell out of it!
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Most everything about this bass says BC Rich.

I believe that Bernie C Rico was the Founder and Owner. I know at one point in time the Headstocks said B C Rico on them. then he got sued by Rico reeds.

If it is a bolt on neck, it is definitely a knock off.
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It does look like a BC Rich - reverse P's, has the headstock bump. Pickups look like old DiMarzios.

Have you opened it up?
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It is not a true B.C. Rich - the headstock insignia is not correct. But who cares? If it is a fine bass, then you should just play and enjoy the hell out of it!
"Maybe this world is another planet's hell?" - Aldous Huxley