Hi guys!
I love the TBB sunburst model but here in Portugal and in my local store they don't have any of the models on display and I simply can't find good quality reviews on the kelly kexmg guitar on the internet. I mean i found some but they aren't that great, and there's just like 3 on the internet...
I just wanted to know if someone already played one and what did you think about the guitar.

Quote by bernas.is.here
I mean i found some but they aren't that great, and there's just like 3

Portuguese guy here too

Wait, are you saying you actually tried the guitar and you didn't liked it? Or the ones you found were in a bad state?

If you didn't liked it, then the guitar is just not for you.

Edit: Oh sorry, I misread it. I say, don't go for reviews. They are not always trustworthy. You should try the guitar for yourself. Unfortunately that's not possible because you can't find one here in Portugal.

I never tried the Kelly KEXMG, but as far as I know, they are good guitars. For bit a more, you can get for example a Pro King V, which has an Original Floyd and ebony fretboard while the KEXMG has a Floyd Rose Special and a rosewood fretboard. Problem is, if you really want a Kelly, there isn't a Pro Series Kelly. Only a X-Series Kelly (the KEXMG).

But yeah, they should be good guitars overall.

You should wait for someone who actually played the guitar to give you more info though.
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You could check out reviews for other X Series Jacksons. Their specs are pretty much identical among them. Or if you can find another X in stores you can play it too, it should give you an idea how Jacksons feel. They all have the same neck. I have an X Series Warrior and I would recommend it to anyone. It's a light, very comfortable guitar. The Kelly may weigh a bit more since there's more wood. I can't imagine you regretting getting a KEXMG.