I made a topic some time ago about the same thing. But now it seems to me that I'm not OK with this condition. I don't want to sound like I was whining or anything because that wouldn't help in anyway. I just want to attain peace in my mind and be able to look at my fingers without being melancholic.

As some may know from my previous posts, I've been born with crooked pinkies caused by clinodactyly. Right hand is actually perfectly "normal". Yet my left hand's pinky, the fretting hand, is more crooked than " a normal finger should be". Does this affect me? I don't even know that myself. I'm able to do pretty long hammer-ons and stretches etc. in which I use my pinky. Ex. Long lasting hammer-ons between E string 1st Fret (F) with index finger and 5th fret (A) with pinky.

However my pinky "clicks" sometimes when playing fast or doing extremely fast hammer-ons with. Usually I go through rather comprehensive warm ups for about 30 minutes with which I seem to be able to avoid these annoying clicks. Sometimes the pinky "slips" somehow when I'm playing fast, very fast. Though the slipping doesn't happen often.

However, even if I've had no big problems with playing, whenever I place my hands on something or just whenever I see my left pinky, I feel like it'd be best to go to the nearest bridge and just get over with it for good. This is just turning me insane.. Why am I thinking like this?

Also another thing. Why the fk do I think that whoever with long and straight fingers would for sure be better than Dimebag Darrell in time with enough practise? If I encounter something extremely hard and fast I automatically think that if there were two versions of me, one with these crooked pinkies and one with normal ones, the one with the normal pinkies wouldn't have any trouble at all.

This is such a minor thing yet with such a big effect on me, especially on my mind. Yes, again, I know Reinhardt, Iommi etc.. But for example Iommi's case really isn't comparable to this.

I just simply want peace in my mind and not to think of this all the time, why is it I think of it so much even though in reality I don't even have problems with it? Are my examples of normal fingers' superiority invalid?

This shall be the last topic about this. Thanks for your time again.
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the problem is in your mind i kind of had the same thing hard to get over


dude i dislocated my pinky years when i was a kid and it's never been right since. doesn't affect my playing at all. when you get to my age having a finger crack when playing is normal so you have tht to look forward to
I've been through kind of similar ... ulnar nerve damage from the gym ... eventually resulting in almost total loss of control of my 3rd and 4th fingers over about 7 years. The more I tried to control these, the less I could. Prior to this, I had virtuouso technique.

Instead, I decided to concentrate on becoming more musical ... think about phrasing, melody, rhythm. I had no choice ... and that was the best thing that happened to me musically.

Technique is just one tool in a musician's toolbox.

So, don't feel bad. Just work on getting better, if that's what you want.

cheers, Jerry
Learn to play left-handed.

Why play right-handed when your fretting hand (left hand) is messed up?
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Learn to play left-handed.

Why play right-handed when your fretting hand (left hand) is messed up?

i've given that advice to lefties before but few take it. not as easy as it sounds ( i know i'm a leftie that eventually went rightie for playing).
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I've been through kind of similar ... ulnar nerve damage from the gym ... eventually resulting in almost total loss of control of my 3rd and 4th fingers over about 7 years.

Yeah, I had the ulner problem too. As a typical bloke I ignored it for a while until I saw some footage of me trying to play and my hand was so wasted away (especially the muscle between my thumb/index as well as the 3rd/4th finger).
I was really devastated at the thought of not being able to play.
I had an operation to move the nerve and that too was a real worry as it crossed my mind that it could go wrong.
For a while, after the op, I wondered if it was slowing my progress but I decided that I shouldn't think that way and, as Jerry said, I focused on other areas. Whilst doing that my speed and accuracy increased without me realising until I took a step back one day (I really believe in all those don't chase speed, practice well threads now).
So stick with it fella, maybe even see it as an extra challenge for you to conquer!
If you remain concerned then get yourself to a doctor. I wish I had gone sooner.

Best of luck champ.
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There's no need for a doctor as I've been to one who made the diagnosis of clinodactyly. He didn't recommend surgeries as my situation isn't that bad. Surgeries could ruin the finger for good anyways because it would be stiff.

And yeah sure I'll start learning to play left handed after like 8 years just because of one finger..

And being musical, yeah I've got that. I'm able to create diverse stuff etc. But like I said, I only have to look at my left arm to get melancholic and angry which isn't good.
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Double posting like a boss.

As I've explained, my right hand is actually completely normal. But how come I feel "more free" with my right hand's fingers even though the left hand's fingers are used while playing. For example, I can move my right hand's pinky far way from the ring finger in the air without aiding the stretch. But then with the left hand's finger it doesn't work, though if I'm playing the guitar, the left hand's pinky can do stretching very nicely.

Now another question. I do have an example, a video in which a guy makes extremely long stretches but I prefer not to share it using my phone. In some cases it might be I can't hold my pinky on fret X while moving the ring finger to fret Y (assuming I'm fretting something with every finger at the time). In this case I find it easier to get the fret Y with my ring finger and then the pinky. In here I press my ring finger on the fretboard and slightly "lean" it towards the pinky. So the same thing but in different order. I'm just wondering why it's easier to do it with the 2nd way..
Maybe it would be best to talk to a psychiatrist as it sounds like a psychological issue and not a guitar one. If I had more knowledge on psychology I would offer to help but I do not have the adequate knowledge to do so.

(Correct me if I am wrong and you are having an issue with something on the guitar. It just sounds to me like you have found a way to play despite adversity. This is rather commendable and definitely deserves some admiration. )
I broke my ring finger during a football game and now it cocks in toward the nut when fretting. It actually helps in some situations. When I try to fret two string on the same fret things can get a little tricky. For me it seems like it comes down to my brain if I want to make it a disadvantage or an advantage.
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Should rename this thread to "Casualty" :-)

Before I properly injured myself, I also figured it would be a great idea to get RSI ... one day, I practised technique for around 9 hours with virtually no rest (yup, I know, I know!!) playing 1/16ths at around 190 bpm (legato stuff). Didn't stretch afterwards.

Next day my hand was throbbing like something out of a cartoon. End of the day, could barely move my fingers. In my desire to improve, I overnight went from great technique to none, zero.

At best, I could play about one note a click, at around 30 bpm.

Six months later (no joke) ... my hand was repaired.

It's a cruel world :-)

And now ... can't play again ... another injury ... 18 months ago. Nearly snapped both thumbs off breaking up some furniture. Neartly better now. Instead, concentrated on improving visualisation, studying other areas of music, writing, etc.

But I'm a genius at whistling.

For my next episode, maybe I'll get my hands run over by a truck, or maybe chop something off preparing the dinner. But look at Django!!

cheers, Jerry
I will point you in the direction of jerry garcia. when he was young he was steadying wood for his older brother who made a bad chop and cut his finger off. garcia went on to be a banjo teacher and then the lead guitar player for the grateful dead. he has only four fingers on his picking/plucking hand.

when i was younger my older bro grabbed me by the wrists and swung me in circles. he let go and i smashed into my family's piano bench, dislocating my left elbow and breaking my collar bone. it's still not the same but i have overcome this and play my guitar, right handed, every ****in day

point is that you can't let these things bring you down music wise. genius comes from your head so get to it.