I noticed that when I am not playing bands like Lamb of God and Amon Amarth I really enjoy playing slow sad sounding songs on accoustic/clean electric with heavy delay. I like having everything stack on each other and resonate. I just tuned my one guitar to DADGAD which is a open tuning. A friend of mine said to try it because it might help making the notes ring out.

What are your thoughts on open tuning? Do you find standard more flexible and better to use?
By ambient are you talking about this kind of stuff:


I prefer standard tunings over open tunings for 95% of things. If I'm going for more of a blues and roots John Butler type sound I like open tunings.

For ambient music like the video linked above I think tuning is almost irrelevant. I don't know much about the technicalities of ambient music, but I would assume most of it is just done in a standard tuning. Ambient music is very much not about quantity of notes, but instead stacking $5,000 worth of effects in front of your amp
Not bagging on ambient music because I absolutely love it, but it's definitely all about knowing how to operate your hardware more than the actual guitar. Literally more than half that video he isn't playing the guitar.
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I like them for anything. For me, it helps me focus on notes more than scale and chord shapes. I usually stick to standard, but I tend to goof around with other ones just as often. Check out anything by Devin Townsend. His stuff is almost exclusively in some form of open C. Then on the other side, Sonny Landreth and Derek Trucks take slide and open tuning to another dimension. Honorable mention: Eric Sardinas. Dude is on fire all the time.