I have several coils from various things such as transformers and solenoids. Could I use this wire in a bass pickup? I think it is a little bit thicker than 42 gauge wire, but I am not positive of the gauge. It could be anywhere from 30 to 38 gauge. Would I need more windings for it? I am pretty much broke, and don't have much to spend, so all I have is what I can find off of any old electronics that I can find. Any ideas?
Also, I am making several pickups, one humbucker, one single coil, and four individual pickups for each string for a future plan to have special effects on each string.
I have searched online quite a bit and haven't really found anything besides the wall wart pickup, which I don't really have enough room for on my bass. The coils need to be short, but other than that, there are no major size restrictions.
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