I've been jamming with a starfire mega 10 amp (I assume it's SS cause the volume sucks) and an old 2nd hand jackson guitar which has been giving me problems since I bought it (feedback problem). I've sent it to two shops and it's just not fixable. So now it's time for me to upgrade.

I'm not a musician and also don't plan on being one in the future. I'm just looking for loud volume and lots of distortion when I play my powerchords. Band influences are Minor Threat, GBH, Black Flag, Exploited, misfits, DOA ect.. mostly 80's stuff

I'm not interested in 2nd hand equipment. So the JCM 800 is not an option.

Now I have to decide between

both of them cost about the same. I want to use my amp for garage practice and gigs where there is no PA available and nothing is mic'd. We've been playing gigs where a PA is available but playing at small venues my mega 10 won't work.

I heard that a 15W cranked up high sounds better than a 30W cranked up only halfway cause of the tubes warming up. (or something like that - I'm not an expert)

So would a 15W cranked up on high be loud enough for a gig where loud volume is number one priority and the drummer is loud and nothing is mic'd and there is no PA?

(I'm also planning on buying a ibanez RG 421 mol electric guitar. It's got Infinity humbuckers)

Please comment and give advise.
Well that depends on. What is your budget?
I would prefer the AC30, so that way you'll be sure that you have got enough volume for most gigs (that is of you're not playing in venues or something...)
And that thing about valves warming up is standard and only takes a few minutes or so.
And a distortion pedal maybe? Because I don't think you'll get the sound that you like from the vox

I'm new on the forum part of UG but I know my sh*t when its about guitars and amps and stuff.
A 30 watt is not a whole lot louder than a 15 watt. The 30 watt has more clean headroom before it starts distorting.
If you can hear it over the drums, it should be fine. Just remember that the "mid" knob is your friend when you EQ your sound. You need it to punch through the mix.
And I agree, you are probably going to need a distortion or overdrive pedal, too.
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