H all, used the site for a few years now (mostly for tabs & reviews) first time posting so be gentle my living arrangements recently changed & I cant really use anything noisey like a Guitar Amp anymore (my Amp is cheap & terrible sounding anyway so ) I started looking into playing through the PC for the first time. after some light reading on the internet I borrowed a Rocksmith Real Tone Cable from a friend & downloaded the free version of Guitar Rig & Amplitube.

Ive bin enjoying playing around with these programs (especialy the Guitar Rig presets) but I think the cable or maybe my PC is struggling as the sound often has allot of lag or clicks & hissing, despite messing around with the settings. but even with the problems Ive bin enjoying playing through the headphones & am ready to spend some money to get a better sound setup.

Thats where I need help, Ive bin trying to do research on my own, Ive looked at loads of diffrent things from small amps like the Yamaha THR10X & Peavey MH series to auido interface like the Lexicon Alpha & Focusrite Scarlett to small things like adapters & splitters, I even wonderd if getting a better Soundcard for the PC would help, but I have absolutely no Idea about this kind of stuff (incase you couldnt tell ) everything I look into sounds complicated like its all written in some strange language I dont understand

could someone point me in the right direction, show me what kind of thing I should be buying, Im just a simple bedroom rocker looking for better sound