Hey UG! So recently Ive approached my mom about buying a new guitar. The guitar is a Jackson JS32T Kelly which retails for $269. Ive researched it very thoroughly. She says since I'm planning on using my own money, I can do whatever I want with it, although she doesn't see why I need another guitar.

I have 2 acoustics and 1 bass, and I see where she is coming from.

So, Ive semi changed my mind about buying the guitar, and here is my new idea: I'm going into the 9th grade when the summer ends. Save up and earn even more money during the 9th and maybe even 10th grade, and then use the money I have to buy a really nice electric and a good amp. That way it will be even more special to me and it will surely last better than the $269 JS32T Kelly.

So.... opinions on my choice? Recommendations for alternate choices?

Thanks for any help in advance!!!
Saving up money is never a bad idea.
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well you can point out to your mom that it is an electric guitar which really isn't the same as acoustic for starters. as for buying well i'd look at used guitars as your money will go much further. as for saving well if you don't really play electric guitars then you won't have a solid ida of what you want or don't want. personally i'd go to your local guitar shop and try out as many guitrs as you can especially used. then you can start saving for a "better" one. i've managed to find a couple of guitars for $300 @ that are now my main axes (used). you'd be suprised at what you can find with a little patience.
Is electric guitar something you want to focus on? If it is, I'd rather take advantage of youth and start playing now. As you save money later and develop you skills you can buy something else. Jackson JS are decent guitars.
Just buy used, there's much better guitars out there for that price used. For example, I got an LTD KH-502 for $175 with a case. These originally sold for $1,000 and they're on Guitar Center for around $250-$370 now. Just an example of what is out there! Use Criagslist, so many good guitars on there for cheap.