one volume should control master volume and the other should control the middle pickup... I messed up a guitar wired like this and I very much liked it... could anyone help me out?
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ok so ..

grounding never changes in strats with passive wiring, you make a path out of the guitar.

the main wiring

wire up the two outer pickups volume normally like a telecaster on guitarelectronics.com diagram as that diagram works for sure to start this off with. The master pot I'd make do all the work still in regards to the harness.

the tone
it stays the same, the easiest way to make it a master tone is to just solder the wire that comes out of the pot to the selector to the common on the selector. This contact goes by the number zero. Zero on an import selector is the middle so if you've got 7 contacts you're doing the middle. If you've got 8 contacts it's the two middle ones soldered together...

on USA selectors it's the very last going down on the left pole (set of contacts) and the very first on the right pole at the top. Commons (zeros) activate the poles making the switch do more. Regardless strat or tele wiring you get the same results.

if you don't like the traditional tone knob like a good 80% (easily) of the people I've worked on their guitars I'd suggest the..
fender greasebucket mod - its the opposite of a tone knob but pretty useless with vintage single coils
torres mid scoop / boost
or an active preamp by artec , EMG or something along those lines

the middle pickup
since this pickup is by itself , you're wiring the middle pickup up like a les paul. But here's some extra information to help

With the three contacts
ground to the base. Connect it The hot lead (left contact) is your pickups hot lead. If you're using a two wire pickup this is straight forward.

the middle contact called wiper goes to the common on the selector giving you control over it in any position.

the right contact is soldered to the back of the pot as always. This grounds it so if you drop the volume to 0% you actually get no volume.

once the middle pickups in and everything is activated you should be done, but yeah if you want me to draw this out (if it's not on google) I should totally start a patron account to take donations for my time or something..but i think you guys are good with my description. Any questions send me a private message though.
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Well heres an update, I have Neck, back+sides, top, fretboard, nut, saddle, bridge, acrylic template, braces, mold with clamps, kerfing, purfling, and banding on the way. Still need to buy blocks, glue, fretwire, and associated fretboard tools. Picking up 14" bandsaw, router w/o table (working on that) 12" planer jointer, 8 30" bar clamps, 6 42" bar clamps, 6 18" bar clamps, 6 12" bar clamps, 40 4" bar clamps, building a hot iron bending tool, and probably going to be hand sanding everything for now, my funds are becoming exhausted fast. Pics when the stuff arrives. Book is on the way too.

Looking for a place to purchase a quilted maple board for the headplate, and the back end wedge and back body wedge.