these riffs are really ****ing awesome right from the start, really thrash-metally and the solo you play later reminds me of old megadeth and really satisfies my craving for good sounding thrash metal ive been having recently. Very tasty track, I love how its come along, definetly radio friendly type metal in the best way possible, very memorable. A singer would make this into a SONG. Like it'd be radio/live worthy with one. The sick riffs keep going and the soloing just gets better and more memorable. Seriously glad I heard this track, sick job on this one.

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sounds awesome man keep it up! and yea some lyrics would put this piece over the top

Very cool thrash man. Good tones, fat riffage and very neat and tidy lead work. The drum sequencing is good too, it sounds very genuine. The composition is really well done.

Mix wise, the kick could have been a little more punchy, but other than that I think is sounds very clean and clear.

As others have said, some vocals would really complete this track and make it a full thrash masterpiece.