So i created a song a few days ago and was looking for someone to help me write lyrics for it and sing. since im not a singer and it would sound terrible haha. but yea take a listen to the song i think with some good lyrics this could be a real good piece. the drums are still a work in progress since im not a drummer but ill have it fixed soon.

umm let see... as long as its catchy and sounds good i dont really care. but if i had to chose i would love a good rock themed song. like montley crues rock n roll junky, something about music and the love for rock n role. but if you have any better ideas go for it. like i said if it sounds good and gets stuck in your head then thats all i need.
thanks i look forward to seeing what you got. By the way do you sing at all too?
some ideas for the chorus that i like. which was something that i kinda made up on the spot wile jamming to it was.

I just wanna be your lover (pause a sec) Baby
I just wanna be in love.