I want to record a guitar cover of a song but there is no backing track available. Is there a way to lower guitar volume on the original recording without messing with bass/drums/vocals? Like use an equalizer or something? I'm a complete noob at recording stuff just looking for an advice
Short answer is "no". Long answer is that you might be able to eq some of the guitar out but overall considering that we're talking a stereo track where the guitar is blended in with the rest of the music, you really can't take it out.
just having an EQ dip in the midrange and boosting some mids on your own guitar should let it cut nicely without sounding much louder. There's no way to remove the guitar completely unless you can find some files with separate tracks online (e.g. for songs that were on guitar hero/rock band)
Also consider that if you were somehow able to magically edit the original recording, you'd never actually be able to use it without breaking copyright laws.
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Alright thanks for answers. What software I should use that provides best EQ control?
Unless you can find the multi track session, or one someone has made themselves, it would be hard to do anything other than cut the mids since that's where your guitar would excel in cutting through the mix, as stated above.