This is an example of an instrumental track I made, I can never get good sustained notes or bends it always seems to fade quickly, as on this track I've just edited it with a load of reverb to try and cover it up like a dodgy builder

Do you have any advice on how to make the notes last longer?
A lot of it has to do with your guitar (lots of mass+big break angles over nut and bridge help); beefy vibrato (esp. combined with high gain) can keep things going too, just from the friction on the fret.

The traditional method to sustain things electronically without any extra distortion is a compressor (lots of these to be had). EHX Freeze and Boss FB-2 are also interesting choices for sustain, probably not what you want, but they're options. Likewise Sustainiacs and Fernandes Sustainers are very expensive ways to get low-hassle sustain/feedback.
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Equipment aside, sustain requires that your finger TIPS have a solid bite on the string. If you feel the string slipping during a bend, you need to look at your technique and move away from fretting with the finger pads. You should be able to provide vibrato or a full bend without repositioning your finger.
^ If the string's slipping when bending or vibratoing, using your tips will likely make it worse, not better.

(Just to clarify, I'm not sure you want to totally use the pads either, I'm sort of between my tips and pads for bends etc. I think. What I mean is you don't want that very top-down fingertips with straight fingers which is more usual for intricate chord playing.)

regarding the problem it sounds like you don't have a good enough connection with the string.
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With a clean sound, you're on a hiding to nothing. The physics of the gutar means that a vibrating string of itself dies down quickly. You either need artificial help that keeps the string itself vibrating, or you need to use a compressor to alter the signal inside the recording chain, as K33nbl4d3 says.

Technique also has a large part, as cdgraves says. If you don't impart energy to the string (through both hands), that will also cause the vibration to die more quickly. (remember, you are physically trying to move a solid piece of mass that has its own in-build resistance to this)

cheers, Jerry