Poll: What would you buy for $400-$500
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90's MIJ Jackson sl3
8 73%
87 Ibanez 540s
0 0%
MIJ Ibanez prestige rg1420
3 27%
Voters: 11.
I found some used shredders and need some opinions. All are around $400-500 range. 90's Jackson sl3 MIJ, '87 Ibanez 540s and Ibanez Prestige rg1410 anniversary model( not sure of year but MIJ.)

I've had several Jacksons and like them. Never had an Ibby and no nothing about LTD. I play 70's Rock and 80's-90's metal. I prefer Japanese guitars from the same era and if you've played them you understand why.

I'm leaning toward Jackson because it's neck through and it's what I'm most familiar with.
Can't find a higher end Ibby to play locally and I know there's a wold of difference between the low and upper end models.

What would you buy and why?
I know that the early 90's MIJ Jacksons were more or less identical to the USA Select counterparts of their day in terms of their craftsmanship (which is absolutely top notch), only the hardware wasn't quite as top notch. You more or less end up with a Japanese-made USA Select by merely swapping the pickups out.

So I'd buy that.
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I had a MIJ Soloist some years back and I sold it to pay bills, and to this day, it is the only guitar I've ever lost that I absolutely miss. They're amazing guitars, and if you can find one used, I'd jump all over it provided you can actually play it before you buy. That said, I also love Ibanez, and their Jcraft stuff is stunning. I know the MIJ 5xx series are absolute butter, but you're going to need a pup swap if they're still stock, because, at least to me, all stock Ibby pickups sound like farts. If you've got a MIJ Prestige on the table, it is definitely worth your time to compare to the Jackson - again, assuming you can put your hands on it before you commit.

Playing before buying is crucial - I've been burned several times - most recently by a popular used-retailer, and sending guitars all over via the mail is a massive pain in the ass, as is getting you cash back sometimes. There are enough horror stories about this out there on the web, so I won't belabor the point, and admittedly I'm probably a little over-concerned about it.

If you're asking me off the top of my head, assuming both guitars are in great condition and in need of only a setup, I'd go with the Jackson. In fact, I'm just gonna say get the Soloist anyway. Love those guitars.

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The sl3 has real Duncan's. H bridge and hotrails in the mid and neck. Unfortunately I can't play them as they are in Cali and I'm not. However the Jackson and Sabre are at a shop I used to frequent when I lived in San Feancisco and I know the guy is fair and honest. I wish I could find a Sl2 or old Charvel model 5 or 6 for this price.