Hi guys,

I have a schecter omen ex-6 and a zoom G5 processor. Now I can't decide what should I buy; a studio monitor or an amp for Home practice. I absolutely have no idea about any of'em. Could you please help. All I know is that since I have the G5 and it already has amp sims, I wont be needing any modeling amps with effects on it.

I am from India and my budget is 10000-16000 INR.

As for the type of music, I want something which would be good for any kind of music be it the blues, metal, jazz, etc.

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Studio monitors are generally reserved for recording and editing. If you want to practice at home I'd recommend you go with a cheap tube amp like a Fender Blues Junior or a Vox AC15. I believe the currency rate is like 1:.015 (US:INR.) For 16000 INR (Around 250 US) you could probably find a used blues junior. If not, a Marshall class 5 would be cheaper alternative.
Studio monitors if you want to record/edit your playing.
The Class5 and Blues Jr. are good suggestions if you want to play in your bedroom.
You can also get powered PA speaker or two for stereo. Samson is pretty good on the low end.
Both amps and PA stuff are good if playing out but the studio monitor is pretty much for hone.
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I've been using studio monitors with a Pod HD quite a bit. My monitors are KRK Rokit 8's -- there's a lot of solid bass (much more than you'd get from the usual 12" guitar speaker) and clean highs that work really well with amp/cabinet sims from a modeler. Each monitor is biamped with 80W going into the 8" LF driver, 20W into the 1" tweeter. They're designed for relatively near field use, so they're perfect for a medium room.

I actually use these for keyboards, modeled guitar and occasionally for bass practice, running their respective preamps into a small mixer and out to the speakers.

I've got tube amps (about 15 of them), but they really aren't the best choice for home practice.
Thank you all for the replies.

So instead of Studio monitors, you are suggesting that I should get a powered PA speaker. Like this one..?


Also, if I buy something like this, then all i need to do is connect the guitar to G5 and G5 to the speaker and play, right? No need of any additional amp head...?
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That'll do, my friend. The head is built-in, thus "powered".

Thank you. Will go out tomorrow and try out some PAs.