Hey guys, I just got a boss mt-2 metal zone pedal and i was looking for good settings for bands like:
Rise against
Avenged sevenfold
Scar symmetry

I know I wont be able to have te exact sound, because bands like these use pre-amps, multi-effect pedals and very expensive guitars and amps but I just want a sound that is similar.

My setup is a line 6 spider iv 15 amp, ibanez gio grg20z and an mt-2 metal zone pedal.

*please put the settings like:
Level: 12 o'clock

*Don't loose time writing sh** comments about how my stuff is crap.
There is no reason to use that pedal with that amp.

As far as specific settings go, put the level wherever sounds best without being too loud for your room. EQ start them all at 12:00 and adjust to taste. Go easy on the treble though. Distortion probably will be less than you would expect but with that amp I can't be specific.

Those four bands all sound very different. There is no magical setting that will make your rig sound like any/all of them. All you can do is make your rig sound as good as possible.
I have a metal zone. It isn't really a great pedal. The decent tones I have gotten out of it started with all the knobs pointing straight up. From there just makes really slight tweaks to each knob up or down until you get something you like. Any kind of extreme settings tend to yield strange and/or crappy tones.

BUT since you have a spider, you should just plug straight in and use the more metal oriented tones on there. Doesn't that one have artist presets? If so, check out some of the metal band tones and see if you like those.

All in all your gear is meant for practicing and learning with a good approximation of a bunch of different tones. You won't get the sound of bands that are using 1000+ dollar amps and double tracking and whatnot. Your best option is to just mess around with the amp and find some tones that are close enough to the sounds you want.
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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

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You can [play the two distortions against each other, set the Spider on crunch and then dial in the Boss slowly.

You could also bypass the modelling on the Spyder if you connect via the line in input, but I think you need 1/4 to rca converter for that.
I think the only line 6 spider that has presets is the spider 75.
I agree that you dont need a metal zone with that amp. I have toyed with my metal zone quite a bit and there are only two ways it can sound good. One is using it as a boost (gain off, level about 3 a clock) like Cannibal Corpse does but that sound is very specialised. Ridiculously brutal and noisy.

Another is using it as preamp. Meaning instead putting it into a clean channel put it into the FX Return of an amp if it has one. Putting it into clean channel gives the pedal that annoying cocked wah thin can of bees sound, but in FX Return its surprisingly good.

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place back in box return to store buy new amp... the end
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mt-2 is okay for boosting, but lame by itself. if anything, you can try using it as a boost into your amp. set your amp up for a rhythm crunch, then turn the distortion all the way down on the mt-2 and switch it on for leads. start with all the eq at noon, and tailor from there.

edit: if it doesn't sound good as a boost, i'd return it. no real point in having it - your amp can give you all the distortion you'll need.
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An MT-2 in front of a Spider? I just threw up a little.
What you need is a new amp - and no MT-2.
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An MT-2 in front of a Spider? I just threw up a little.
What you need is a new amp - and no MT-2.

but dude that is so br00tal c'mon.
noone can really help you with settings since every amp is different you have to set pedals up differently with each amp. I suggest just sitting down with the amp, finding a good base tone then go off of that and work on the tone with the pedal. takes a bit but you'll get it
Hmmm...Marshall sounds, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier sounds, Mesa Boogie Mark series sounds...sounds legit. In all seriousness, just mess around. I've never had any good luck running a distortion pedal of any kind into a Spider. They just don't handle it well. I would just try to dial in your amp.
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i suggest burning the metal zone and saving up for a new amp if youre unhappy.
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i suggest burning the metal zone and saving up for a new amp if youre unhappy.

I'd suggest selling it all To some noob who started out playing.
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