Since I've had a productive week, here's another song. This one was difficult to mix; I played around with the sounds several times but it's okay for now, I guess. The song also evolved from what it was in the beginning to slightly heavier direction.

I had this mental imagery of an old sailor story and played around with it a little bit. There's also some old horror movie vibe mixed in. Why Loggerhead? Because I love sea turtles.


Comments, critique and questions all appreciated

C4C of course!
Some pretty cool elements. The electronic bleeps in the intro remind me of the computer in Space Sentinels. If you're < 43 years old you'll have to look that up. The leads remind me of classic TV themes. That's enough to give it a positive review from me.

This gave me more of a hard rock feel rather than a metal feel (I dont really know how I reach such conclusions, it's just the feeling I get when listening). There is a mixture of styles coming through here though. There is a kinda 70's prog feeling I got from the spacey little beeps at the start - and the first riff sort of developed that feeling a little. The ending with the clean guitar is pretty cool.

Mixwise, this sounds pretty damn good. I cant think of much to complain about. There is one thing that bugs me though; It sounds like there is a synth in the background in places - I assume it is there for atmosphere, which it does create. I cant quite decide whether I think it should be more prominent. On the one hand it sort of annoys me that I cant hear it all that well, on the other had I know I am a ham fisted tool with no sense of subtlety, so if I mixed it that synth would up front treading on everything else - I doubt that would be better.

Anyway - cool track overall.


PS - Sea turtles are one of the most awesome creatures on the planet. Cool to see another fan of them.
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Sounds sinister love it. But I have to ask, who won in the end?? The capt. Or the beast? The end makes me think it could be both, either he died and now the tunes remember him, or he won, and now enjoys life without a monster haunting him.

Fav part was 2:07ish

Definitely a track that doesn't need vocals!!!
I have snorkeled with sea turtles on numerous occasions (usually in the Hawaiian Islands). Some good vocals wouldn't hurt, otherwise it all sounds quite good! Wasn't expecting the synth intro for a metal song. This song actually reminds me of Yes more than any other group that comes to mind. Please review my music at this link:

Thank you so much for your comment people!

I understand completely what you mean by saying to you it's more hard rock than metal. To be honest I don't know myself. I actually like it more rock than metal (more my home territory) and I think you're right about it. It has something to do with the fact that the song wasn't as "heavy" when I first made it. Great to to hear that the 70's prog influences are noticeable.

And thank you for your comment on synths. It might be that this time I was a little too careful when mixing the synths. They were the last thing that I quickly added and they got maybe slightly buried. You're right, they are supposed to be textural.

Sea turtles are some of my favorite animals on the planet!

Haha, I kind of jokingly toyed around with the idea of concept album based on the legend of Captain Loggerhead. All I can say is that the legend tells that after a long, tedious fight he was pulled to the abyss with the dying sea beast (impaled by numerous harpoons, bombarded with cannons...) along with his ship. But who knows...

@aaron aarvard
Thank you aaron. I absolutely love Yes. I take that as a big complement.
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Neat but unusual combination of rock, driving heavy funk elements and exotic scales cleverly and congruously combined in this thick chunky symphonic metal. Well mixed, with solid bottom and clear top, and well arranged, with symmetrical sounding changes and sections logically slipping and segueing into each other.
A beautifully lush sound as the rich tones melt into and resonate against each other. Consummate playing from all involved. Lovely meaty bass sound, ringing guitars, perfect drums.
Maybe this piece needs a bit more focus, maybe these guys are a bit too clever for their own good - there are just too many good ideas in this fabulous fantasia. But this could still make wonderful film or image music.
For a lighter shade of sound, you can C4C here.
@Jathon Desly

Thank you for kind and poetic review. I like how you look deep into the music and put it into words beautifully. I'm sure to look up your song once I get a chance (I'm typing this on my phone...).

hey !!

I listened to your song. It's really good. I like the tone of your lead guitar at 2.39. It's well mixed. Your mix is clearly above what I do, so I can't tell you if there is any mistakes haha

After that, I loved the song itself, very good atmosphere. The intro with the bubbles sounds, I don't know how to name it (kind of synth or electronic stuff), gives the general tone of the song and the rythm guitar doesn't break it. I liked the tone of the guitar, not too distorted.

Finally, great job ! keep doing this haha

Cheers !
thanks for the critique. I like it, it has this adventurous sound throughout it, like its telling me a tale. The solo that comes in at 2:18 is gorgeous leading in to a awesome outro, you really put your music together very well, well done .