Just came across this subforum, and thought I'd share something I did a looooooooong time ago (at least 5 years). It's got some weird things in it that I don't really understand why I did, but overall, I think it's decent enough to share.

The lyrics are from some half famous 1st World War poems from a book I have lying around somewhere still. I'm not sure what I'd run into copyright wise if I were to ever release this. I'd probably be better off writing my own lyrics if I ever return to recording this.

I am however thinking about re-writing the whole project these two songs were from and maybe reusing some parts. Let me know if there are some parts you think I should stick by or what you generally think about the song(s). Any critique is welcome so I can improve on these in my re-worked version
06_Dulce_Et_Decorum_Est and 07_Anthem_for_Doomed_Youth.zip
Sounds great, must have taken a lot of work. You'll fit in well

I think my favourite part is at bar 187, where it just changes the mood dramatically but without messing up the flow of the song. Feels good man.

203 -219 was also excellent. Dreamy, delicate and shifts really nicely to the next section, although I'm personally slightly skeptical of the acoustic sweeps.

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