Hi Guys,

I have an arrangement on Guitar Pro 5, that has been written at 85bpm, using mostly semi quavers and demi semi quavers.

Its a real pain to read.

Is there an automated way to convert it to 190 so its sounds the same,
But written with quavers, and new bars without going through the entire track and doing it by hand?

Like a plugin or a shortcut or something.

I thought I'd ask before I did it manually, as I've encountered this before.

Cheers guys.
I don't think there's an automated way. I've run into similar problems and the closest thing to automated I've figured out is if there are multiple notes of the same type in a row you can highlight them and then use one of the note duration shortcuts to alter them, but it doesn't work right when highlighting different types of notes. If you highlight like a quarter note and an eighth note and push minus the both turn into half notes.

In case you didn't know, when you have a note (or multiple notes) selected you can hit + to make it shorter, like a whole to a half, - to do the opposite, * to make it dotted or remove a dot, and / to make it a triplet or change it back. When I'm having to alter lots of note values I'll just use the arrow keys with my left hand to move around and the symbols by the number pad with my right hand to alter them, in fact that's how I input everything. GP is such a pain on my friends' laptop with no numberpad.

So, in your case you should be able to just select the first note, hit the minus key, then hit the right arrow key and do that over and over. Of course, then every bar will have double the notes it should, so then you can insert an empty bar every other bar (ctrl+ins inserts an empty bar in front of the bar your cursor is in and ctrl+right arrow skips ahead one bar, so for that part you could hold down ctrl and then just push ins, right, right, ins, right, right, etc.). Then you copy half of the too long bars to the appropriate empty bars. I can't think of a faster way to do this part than just highlighting and using ctr+x and ctrl+v to cut and paste. You can highlight stuff by holding down shift and then using the arrow keys, but just using the mouse is easier and faster.

So yea, not automated, but it'll get the job done pretty quickly.

oh, and I think you mean it would need to be 170 to sound the same. 85x2=170
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Thanks for the reply,

Yeah, that is basically what I resorted to in the end. Fortunately it wasnt an overly complex piece. Just seems odd there is no automated way to do it. I've heard Sibelius does it from some of my friends. It would be nice if they added that feature in the next version. Gp6 was a bit pointless but they did at least improve the transposition fretting, compared with gp5.

Haha, yeah I realised that after I'd posted, apparently I can't do maths today