Hello, I use guitar pro 6 and have created a demo and a music video for a song I wrote. And the only thing its missing is a drum track. So if you can write in GP6 or some other drum program then I can give you a free copy if you would like to contribute to my song. Thanks

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Sm1aYhsub4&feature=youtu.beFly into the Night
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If you are looking for someone to compose and produce a high quality drum stem for you I would be interested.

This could include any or all of the following:

Composing a drum track on GP6
Manually humanizing the drum track with velocity and timing automation in Pro Tools
Running the MIDI through a Superior Drummer kit
Mixing the Superior Drummer audio fully, including sample reinforcement, to provide a high quality realistic mix-ready drum track.

I do charge for this, depending on how much work you would like me to do would vary the amount but it would be reasonable and negotiable.

Check out the links in my sig to see some of my work, the most relevent are going to be the drum transcriptions on my Soundcloud which were transcribed by ear. The finished product of what I can do for you would be a similar product to those.

PM me if interested.