On my board, I currently have a Boss DD-3 and a TC Electronics Transition. Both are great pedals, and I love them - but neither has a true tap tempo. (Yes, with the Transition, you can hold down the switch and strum the tempo, but in the middle of a song, it's inconvenient to have to stop your signal to get the tempo right). I'd like to get a nice delay and knock the DD-3 off the board. I want one with a true tap tempo, and if it stored presets that would be nice too. I've lately been playing a lot of surf and post rock, so I'd like to have a preset for volume swells, a slapback delay for surf, one set up for dotted eighths, etc. The less complicated the better, but I understand I might need to endure some complexity to fit my needs. Any suggestions? Preferably in the $200-300 range. Thanks guys!

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Might like the Flashback. Also if you get a pedal with a tap tempo 1/4 port, you can get a tap tempo button to hook up to it. And you might want to look into the AC30 for effects loop/headroom.
I prefer the Triple Delay over the X4, although I still say it's hard to beat the TC Electronic Nova Delay for the price they go for lately. Having 9 presets and being able to set the exact BPM is gold. Although, it's hard to beat the good old Boss DD-20 in a band mix. It just cuts through and sounds great, plus you can also set exact BPMs with it. You might not need such exact parameters though, but I like it for getting my live set dialed while going out on tour. With only 15 minutes to set up at some venues, little time savers like that can be a lifesaver.
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Vox DelayLab is an option as well. I liked it a lot, but already had a Flashback X4, which is nice as well. No idea what a Strymon Timeline or an Eventide TimeFactor goes for in the US used, but if you could reach that with your budget, both are no-brainers in my opinion.

EDIT: A Line 6 DL4 is always a nice option as well. The looper on it also has reverse and 1/2 speed, which is awesome. The M5, M9 and M13 are multi-effects units, but they have the same algorithms the DL4 (and MM4 and whatnot) does.
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My first choice would be the Neunaber Echelon. It's got tap, it's simple to use (although it's got a USB plug so it's fully customizable) and the sound blows pretty much every other echo I've played out of the water.

Stymon's El' Capistan and Brigadier would be my next choice. I find them a little bit fiddly and the secondary functions are a little bit annoying to use. Still once you've got it dialed in they sound leaps and bounds above most other pedals.

It's also pretty hard to ignore the Line6 DL4 and it's little brother the Echo Park, every time I plug into either I'm surprised at how good they sound. Maybe it's just the negativity attached to the Line6 brand, but both of these pedals sound better (especially in a mix) than a lot of the high dollar boutique stuff I've had.

The Flashback is also a popular choice, but I couldn't get rid of mine fast enough. I find all of the TC stuff has this weird sounding sheen sitting on top that I just don't like. I also found that it was hard to fit them in the mix well. They're either very overt or barely there. Still, many people swear by them so it's worth checking out and making up your own mind.

I've also still got a fondness for the Memory Man. I know at least one or two of them many versions has tap. I'd probably still be using it aside from the fact that EHX pedals are annoying to power.
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There are also 2 other models of the EQDT, each with fewer options, but similar quality.
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I love my DL4, has every delay I could want, sounds great, killer looper (the reverse and half speed modes make for some very interesting looping), tap tempo and it does some useless but highly amusing tricks. I've owned the TC Flashback X4 in the past and I think I like the DL4 a lil better, though they're both great pedals.
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Line 6 DL4, or an M9 if you want to have a endless supply of other FX for slightly more $.
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