Hey guys,
I'm a complete beginner at guitar and have just finished learning my open chords. I own both, an electric and acoustic guitar, but I've spent the majority of my time learning on acoustic.

Strumming the open chords on acoustic sounds absolutely beautiful and I LOVE the sounds. On the other hand, strumming open chords on electric sounds horrible and nothing like the acoustic sounds. However when I tried a few power chords on electric, they sound amazing!

So I'm beginning to think the electric guitar just isn't meant for rhythm-style strumming - it's meant primarily for power chords, NOT the open chords. Basically, use an acoustic for rhythm and use an electric for leads with power chords. Is this a correct assessment? Or do musicians also play rhythm with open chords on electric?
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Nonsense. Guitarists can and do play every chord on every guitar. It just depends on the music you want to make. Not every chord pattern works in every situation but fish around a while for one that does. Don't lock yourself in a false box.
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
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Chuck Berry amongst other well known artists would often play rhythm on his electric, but yeah, I see your point, I can't play the same stuff on acoustic as/or the electric.
My guess is that you have a cheap starter pack amp which you're using to get a heavy sound through your electric. If I'm wrong, ignore the next paragraph.

Through an amp like that, the full chords that you play on your acoustic are bound to sound bad. You may think you like the sound of power chords through it, but once you learn to play better & invest in a better amp, you'll realise that even the power chords didn't sound great through that amp, they just sounded less bad than full chords.

FWIW, I'd always recommend learning the basics on an acoustic first anyway - it promotes better technique than learning on an electric IMO.
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