Excited to get more involved in the online guitar community. Coming from the synthesizer community (tiny in comparison, but still alive and healthy) I'm excited to connect with others who have a passion for guitar as I have.

First question though,

Recently I bought a new electric. A Godin Icon Type 3. It's a beautiful guitar. Sounds amazing and the lollar p90's give me a ton of versatility.

After about a week of bringing it home, I have had some issues with fret buzz starting to roll in. I understand with it being solid mahogany, and me bringing it into a new enviroment, things can change... I am also now of the beleif that they set the guitar up very very close to the frets / basically as close as they could without touching/buzz at the time of setup.

Here's my dilemma:

Upstairs is roughly 29c degrees and 30-35% humidity. (2 humidstats show the same)
Downstairs (basement) is 21c degrees and readings vary for humidity. I bought 2 seperate humidstats... 1 analog and 1 digital. The digital shows humidity at most at 47% but the analog shows it at 59-60%.

I live in the west (Alberta, just north of Montana) so we typically have a dry climate. For now I don't have a humidifier or de-humidifier, so I'm left with a few options.

1. Should I leave my guitar (and use it) primarily in the basement?
2. Should I leave it upstairs?
3. Downstairs in the summer / Upstairs in the winter?
4. Set a higher action to put some "buffer" in the tolerance before buzzing occurs?
5. Learn to setup and adjust the action/intonation/truss rod etc myself and do it as required.

I appreciate anyones feedback! Thanks for reading