I'm new to playing fretless and have noticed from watching some people play on youtube that they get the effect they want really easy. They can slide a half step back and forth real quick, bend the slightest bit or slide a harmonic and they all jump out of the amp. I got a Squire fretless which I know may not be the highest of quality, but was wondering if the solution lies in the strings, pick-ups, the bass itself, amp or maybe all the above.
Vibrato is all in the technique. How long have you been playing a fretless? Are you completely comfortable with a fretless in your hands? The people in those videos have been on fretlesses for some time, and it is second nature to them. Just keep practicing. It will come.
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Music isn't instant coffee, keep at it and with enough dedicated practice, it will come together. Harmonics can be tricky on fretless, it takes some time to have them flow naturally in your playing.
I've only been on it for a couple weeks, but played fret bass for about 10 years. I was surprised at how quick I adapted to landing on notes half way decent. I agree with you on the time thing, just wondering if there was more to it. My sound is almost muddy with the fretless and not so much an issue with my fretted. Thanks for the input.
Try a 200Hz boost?
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Not really educated on the Hz department, but your suggestion got me looking around the net at tone and volume settings for the bass and SABDD (which I forgot to mention I use) and found some players aren't so fond of playing fretless through because of the "mid-range" issue with this pedal. They say it helps to turn the Blend down on the unit (every suggested setting in the manual has it turned all the way up) and set most of volume to your bridge p/u and almost none to the neck. Then it's fine tune from there. It has helped quit a bit so far. Still playing around with it. You think an Eq pedal would help any? I hear a lot of mixed reviews about them.
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Should have looked around at old post before asking. This topic has been covered to the point were there doesn't really seem to be a right answer. Sounds more about individual set-up and playing technique and sound you want.
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As you've identified, it's in the bridge pickup and the mids, mostly.
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