Hey all,

A few days ago I was lucky enough to pick up a guitar I'd long admired; the Fender Wayne Kramer Stratocaster. This guitar was produced only in 2011, and has thus been hard to come by.

My first guitar was a Cort strat copy, and I have always gravitated towards more contoured guitar bodies. However, I have never liked the standard Strat trem. A few years ago I bought a (hardtail) Hello Kitty strat, on a whim, and was blown away by how much I enjoyed this guitar's lay out. You will all know how few hardtails Fender produces, so my choices were rather slim. Then, I saw this guitar surface on my country's eBay equivalent.

Of course the finish has a very high 'love it or hate it' level, especially for all 'non-Americans'. However, I will be moving to the US in a week's time, and figured it'd make for a suitable travel companion. Further dividing people is the 'relic' treatment of the finish. Being inspired by Wayne Kramer (of MC5 fame)'s own strat, the guitar looks well-worn. I have never been too fond of reliced guitars, but I must say I am very impressed by Fender's treatment. The dings, scratches, and checked paint all seem to have occured naturally, as opposed to the guitar being thrown under a bus. Also, I've noted that the existing dings make me much less anal about keeping my guitars in pristine condition. I am more inclined to grab the guitar and carry it with me, and have noticed that this makes me practise more often.

As far as the sound is concerned - I could not be happier. The Seymour Duncan '59 is by far my favourite pick up, after having played with it extensively in my Schecter UltraCure. This pickup can not often be found in a strat, stock, let alone in the middle position! This position allows me to 'kick out the jams' if I were so inclined, yet leaves me with vintage Stratocaster pick ups in the neck and bridge, both of which have a beautiful sound.

I could not be more excited about my new guitar!

Please let me keep this memory, just this one ..
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