So my friend is selling his Dean Razoback slime bumblebee guitar. He said he is willing to give it to me for 400€. The thing has a licensed floyd rose, a dimebucker in the bridhe and a duncan '59 in the neck. Is it worth it? Apparently he paid 800€ for it new, and the guitar is in pretty good condition. Im just wondering if its a good deal, since i have no idea how much these go for, and it does seem like a nice guitar. Im also wondering how good the Dean licensed floyds are?
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hes probably lying about paying 800 for it. licensed floyds are crap. i definitely wouldnt buy it

PS razorbacks are ****ing ugly
I personally wouldn't buy one. Korean-made Deans aren't what I'd consider as being particularly good quality guitars. The Razorback in question also has a Dimebucker, which is the worst pickup Seymour Duncan has ever made imo.

Do some research. Know how much these guitars typically sell for by looking a what people are willing to pay for them on ebay.
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Yeah, its what i thought. The prices on ebay range from 200-400, but they rarely go over that. I do belive that he paid 800 for it, since guitars are way more expensive in my country. Oh well, i guess ill just let this one pass.
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.