Wrote and recorded this a week or one and half week ago, without the vocals though as I can't sing, but here's the GP file. The real recording is quite untight, so I'll keep that to myself untill I get it tighter. Unless you dig around on the internet, then you can actually find it.

Let me know what you think

It's quite repetitive at times I suppose, if I'm to point one thing out myself.
New idea for song.gp5
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That ****ing chorus though.

Forgive me if I'm wrong but it sounds like you've listened to a lot of Monuments. A lot of the riffs are quite John Browne, but your sense of melody is pretty ****in' cool.

Do you have any more songs like this?

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I have been listening to a whole lot of djent, including Monuments. John is a beast of a player!

I'm working on some other stuff, but I mostly just have a bunch of riffs that I get nowhere with

Thanks for the comment, I'll comment in your thread in a second
I love the way that intro melody drones along so much. The groove in part 2 hits hard. The slides in the melodies are a great stylistic touch. The vocal melody sounds perfect. Verse 1 had really nice rhythm and the licks were well done. I liked the ghost notes in the drums. They give everything more bounce and groove. The first solo was simple but very ethereal and cool sounding. 123 was too groovy. That riff is pretty great. Verse 3 was cool. I loved the second solo. You definitely have a unique, cool sense of melody. The entire song was also very cohesive. Very fluid, with nothing out of place. And you repeated parts in a way that nothing felt stale.