So I have a 1968 Deluxe Reverb, mostly original, excellent condition, with the blackface circuit. I paid $1300 for it, but now I need some cash (but still don't really wanna sell it) so I put it up on craigslist for $1800 just to see if someone would buy it.

So far nobody has offered cash for the amp, but I did have someone offer a very interesting trade. He wants to trade me his 1968 Pro Reverb AND 1968 Super Reverb for my Deluxe. Both of those are great amps, I could decide which one I like better, sell the other, and essentially have the other amp for free. Or, ya know, keep em both :P

^Im strongly leading towards this trade. Ive played Pros and Supers before and love em


This guy seems to be offering me his 1975 princeton reverb (never played one of those), a 'lightning clone' (no idea what that is) and a modded 1968 bassman drip edge head (keep in mind I have no cabs)

Like I mentioned above, I really wasn't trying to get rid of my deluxe but I figured if there were any deals that were STRONGLY in my favor, I might consider it. Do either of these come across as no-brainer trades? Thanks
both of those trades sound pretty reasonable and desirable from your end. i would definitely want to make sure the amps are in pretty good shape first. definitely try before you buy when doing these types of trades.

it sounds like he just really wants to get ahold of a AB763.
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Why would someone want to do this trade unless his amps are broken? The silverface SR is a keeper, I am less enthusiastic about the Pro Reverb. Both amps are a LOT bigger and heavier than your DR and I am not sure they sound "better". I like the Princeton and might take that and the SR to have some gig flexibility when you need to go big or small.
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Definitely make sure the amps are in good shape. If you can, take a look inside the chassis and make sure the filter caps are newer and there are no blown resistors. Turns out, you can blow resistors and have no idea. I had 3 blown in my BM 100 and I never would have guessed.

Both of those amps are great. Some people say the Pro Reverb is the greatest amp Fender ever built, but 1968 is the year when CBS altered the blackface circuitry. Can't say when for sure, but it could have blackface guts. Worst thing about Super Reverbs is the weight.
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