I currently play in a hardcore punk band, for likes of madball, agnostic front, trapped under ice, turnstil etc.. And I have an explorer with a Seymour Duncan invader in it.
(My amp set up is a Laney TI100 head through an Orange PPC212)

The Invader does sound MASSIVE! However, there seems to lack the high end sound. I have to crank the treble/ presence on my amp to get the sound i want. I want a pickup that will give a lot of high end sounds, to back up a really nice and crisp distortion sound through power chords.

I think seymour duncan distortion or a Dimebucker may be the answer.

Any suggestions?
don't really like the dimebucker

duncan distortion will do it

depends on how much you're willing to pay, really. you can get handwound pickups made in the UK for not much more than the distortion from the likes of oil city (I haven't tried them). granted, something like a bareknuckle miracle man will be a lot more money (at least if you're getting the duncan from, say, thomann.
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Duncan Distortion. I never need my treble knobs on my XXX past 1:00. Dimebucker I had, but I never had a situation to get a full picture of it.
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Check out offerings from Tesla, Lace (esp. the Deathbuckers and the signature HBs), and RailHammer Chisels or Anvils.
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im hearing good things about these new keisel / carvin lithium pickups. may buy some myself. aparently they do everything well and are offered on all the keisel guitars stock in 2015. seems too good to be true a pickup that literally does everything well....

some youtubes on em. about 90 a pop for USA made handwound.
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SD Black Winters are bright but have a good balance of lows, mids, and highs. Lots of output too. I doubt you'd have any trouble getting enough presence. They are basically Duncan Distortions on steroids.

I can attest to this. Those pickups made a HUGE difference in my sound.
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