Hey everyone, new here so forgive me if I do something wrong here. Looking to upgrade my guitar for multiple reasons, which I will leave out unless needed. I have a few needs so I'll try to put out as much information as I can down here:

Budget: Preferably $700 or less, could go slightly higher (students don't make much money)

Area: South Jersey outside Philadelphia, there's a guitar center and a ton of small music stores within driving distance, but completely open to ordering something online.

What I play: A lot of metal (Metallica and such, nothing really heavy), a ton of rock, and a good bit of jazz. Therefore I need a guitar that is well rounded and will be good and comfortable playing pretty much anything.

Special needs: I'm not very picky with looks, style, color, etc. Only preference would be that I can attach my whammy bar. Other than that I don't need anything special.

Thanks for all help ahead of time. Feel free to ask me for any extra information and I'll be happy to provide it. Once again thanks for all help!
Seriously no preference for brands or shapes?

I'd take a look at Jackson X-Series guitars. For some different specs, BC Rich Villain or Jr V Series. Oh, and Agile, for a great deal.
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Schecter makes amazing budget guitars. They're perfect for metal.. They take the time to set each guitar up. The frets,intonation, neck, everything even on their cheaper models.

I have one from 2005 that is still playing super well, although it has a bit of fret wear from so much use, it plays and sounds amazing. Probably sounds a bit better than my Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty which is worth a bit more $. Definitely look into a schecter solo or anything similar in your price range, they're amazing guitars for metal and cleaner styles
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Get a used PRS CE24
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Check out Jackson and ESP/LTD with Seymour Duncan passives in your favorite shape.
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Schecter makes amazing budget guitars. They're perfect for metal.. They take the time to set each guitar up. The frets,intonation, neck, everything even on their cheaper models.

I have to second this. Schecter makes some amazing gear for amazing prices - for example:



It's also worth looking at Ibanez. They're doing some pretty good stuff with their newer Iron Label series - just be sure you can put your hands on it before you buy, as their more recent QC isn't always the best. It sounds like you've got a lot of options as far as shops go, and you can get to them, so this won't be an issue for you. I'd suggest http://www.guitarcenter.com/Ibanez-Iron-Label-RGIR20E-Electric-Guitar-with-Tremolo-and-EMG-Pickups-H91433-i4420277.gc as a starting point. They also do some good standard S/RG series, but you'll have to change the pickups out, as Ibanez's stock pups tend to sound horrid.

The others ones like Jackson's new SLATX series are good and have been suggested here as well - you'll find them for around $699.

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Thanks all! Thinking about heading to guitar center this weekend just to check out what they have in store. Any pickups I should be looking for specifically?
My personal choice around $700 is used LTD Deluxes.
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ibanez 1550/1570/etc prestiges can be found at that price used quite easily, and are awesome guitars. however the factory pickups need replacement though.
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