My amp has enough gain but I'm looking for a pedal to tighten up my sound. I have been considering the tube screamer but it has a mid hump then there is the mxr classic od or even a maxon....what is your experience and your suggestion?
The EHX Soul Food can tighten up the low end but its very transparent, no mid hump. That's probably my favorite use for the pedal.
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The EHX Soul Food can tighten up the low end but its very transparent, no mid hump. That's probably my favorite use for the pedal.

i don't find the soul food really tightens that well. if he doesn't want a mid hump, the timmy (going by my cheapo danelectro clone) is probably the way to go, at least out of what i've tried.
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I've been looking into this as well lately. I have a OD808 clone (Joyo Vintage Overdrive) and a Bad Monkey and both give you that mid hump and color the tone.

If you always leave the boost on, you can re EQ the amp to take some of the mids out.

Some transparent boosts I've been looking at are the Sparkle Drive, Timmy, and then some of these Airis pedals specifically for boosting high gain amps.
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I use an ibanez tube screamer and it definitely tightens up the low end and gives me a more defined tightened pick attack. I love it with my 6505+. It stays on 100% of the time. Mid hump doesn't bother me at all. I cut thru my band mix exceptionally well.
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^^Agreed on the mid hump not being a big deal. You can just turn the mids down on your amp if it gets to be too much. I've also found that an EQ pedal in the loop combined with an OD up front really yields the best results. The EQ allows you to "correct" anything you don't like about the boost and/or enhance what you do like.

With my 6505+, both of my ODs take away a fair amount of bass prior to the preamp stage of the amp. But then I add some of that bass back in with the amp's EQ and my EQ pedal -- and the result is different than just turning the bass up without running a boost. It retains most of the tightness from the od pedal, but still has a heavy, thick, and punchy low-end.